Say goodbye to realtime adapters, cables, and drivers forever with Spectrum’s free WIRELESS realtime.  Now receiving your realtime feed is as simple as joining a WiFi hotspot. Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring your laptop to the deposition (or use our iPads).
  2. Connect to Spectrum’s “Realtime” WiFi network.
  3. Launch the free CaseView program.
  4. Click “Connect.”  It’s that simple!
At the end of the deposition, you simply save the transcript in your preferred format.  The transcript, with your annotations, can be saved as a plain text file, or as a LiveNote, Summation, or TextMap import file.

Also new to realtime is the RapidRefresh feature.  With older realtime technologies, once the transcript was sent to your laptop it was locked in place.  As the court reporter made corrections to the transcript throughout the day, the corrections didn’t transmit to your laptop.  This meant you weren’t leaving with the most up-to-date copy.  Well not anymore!  Now, any correction the court reporter makes pushes out to your laptop, automatically.

Call us today to schedule a demonstration or ask for wireless realtime the next time you schedule.  Again, there's no additional cost!614-444-1000 or 800-635-9071.

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