Video Depositions
Spectrum’s Video & Media Services Department is fully equipped to handle all of your video services needs.  We have professional grade 3-chip video cameras, microphones, mixers, and related equipment to produce high-quality video depositions.

Our videographers are professional, courteous, and trained to the Certified Legal Video Specialist standards.  To obtain the CLVS designation, one has to attend training seminars, then pass a written exam, and later pass a practical hands-on exam consisting of setting up, videotaping, and producing a video of a mock video deposition.  The National Court Reporters Association administers this three-part certification. 

We provide the timecoding required by the Ohio and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for videotaped depositions used in lieu of live testimony.   If requested, we will file the videotape.  Each videotape that is filed is accompanied by a complete log of objections as required by many courts.  The video can be provided in various formats, including VHS, S-VHS, DV (digital video), MPEG1 (on CD), DVD, or as synched video in a stand-alone viewer with the transcript text synchronized with the video.

Why Spectrum?
Why should you use the professional videographers of Spectrum?  Because the staff of Spectrum will produce a high-quality video to preserve the testimony in your important cases.  Below on the left is a poor quality videotape from another firm sent to us for synching.  On the right is one of Spectrum’s high-quality videotapes.  Even though it is just a screen shot, you can see the differences in light and color.  Additionally, notice the proper time/date stamp on our video, seconds included, which is required by many jurisdictions to ensure that the video is unedited.



You should also use Spectrum because we can fulfill all of your video and multimedia needs.  We provide not only videotaping and playback services, but we are leaders in the state of Ohio in providing video synching, trial presentation services, day-in-the-life videos, settlement videos, and other video and multimedia services.  Every legal video service can be provided in-house at Spectrum Reporting.

Courtroom Playback of Video Depositions
Professional courtroom playback services are a must when you have to show a videotaped deposition in court.  Some courts provide a VCR and small monitor for your use in playback.  Spectrum provides a large monitor for the jury, a monitor for the judge, and a monitor for counsel for playback of VHS tapes.  We can do real-time editing with a “kill switch,” or we can edit out the objections ahead of time if required by the court.

Synched video can be played back on our presentation laptop and displayed on a large screen with a projector.  Additionally, editing can easily be done on the fly with a marked-up transcript from the judge.

For further information on videography services, please call Spectrum Reporting at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071. 

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