Video synching is a process whereby we digitize the video, synchronize it with an electronic version of the transcript, and then burn it onto a CD-ROM disk in the DepoView® format.  This format enables you to view the transcript and the synched video on screen at the same time.  There is no software to buy!

 There are several reasons why video synching is a powerful tool…

Search Synched Video
Your days of endless fast-forwarding and rewinding are over!  You now have the power to perform a keyword search in the transcript and view the corresponding video instantly.

Video Clips
You can make video clips, save them for later use in court, or you can email them to your co-counsel, client, or expert witness.  Again, no special software purchase is required.  Everything you need is on the DepoView disk.  

Courtroom Use
You can create video clips made from your DepoView CD for use in your closing statement or to impeach witnesses.  Imagine impeaching witnesses with a video of their discovery testimony rather than just reading the transcripts.  It has tremendous impact because witnesses cannot wiggle out of prior inconsistent statements when the jurors can see and hear the witnesses’ demeanor, inflection, intonation, and body language. 

In addition to delivering synched video to you on a DepoView disk, we can easily (and for no additional charge) format it for use in Sanction, TrialDirector, and other trial presentation software.

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