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Our Mission 
Our mission is simple:  We will provide you with accurate transcripts in any format when you need them.  We will use the best technology to provide you with litigation support services that will facilitate and enhance the discovery process and the presentation of your evidence at trial.

Our History
Spectrum Reporting was founded in 1988 to provide court reporting services in central Ohio.  Since 1988, Spectrum has added many additional services and products to its array of services, including realtime reporting (CaseView, LiveNote, RealLegal Binder, Summation sales/training), video and digital photo services (depositions, playback, digitizing, synchronizing with text, day-in-the-life, settlement videos, evidentiary videos, etc.), trial presentation services (electronic presentation of evidence using TrialDirector or Sanction), videoconferencing (Polycom multipoint conferencing), photocopying and scanning services, and Internet deposition services.

Please explore our website to learn the details.    

Why Spectrum — the Full-Service Difference
We are a full-service court-reporting firm.  We own our building in German Village.  We are big enough to handle your largest matters, but small enough to know you.  Our passion is court reporting.  We are here to stay. 

Are you using a full-service firm?  If not, ask yourself these questions.
Does your court reporter work out of her or his home (not employed by a full-service firm)?  If the answer is yes, read on.
What happens if your court reporter goes on vacation and you need a transcript filed?  Or you need her notes transcribed in a hurry?  Or you need an ASCII disk?  Or you need a copy of the witness’ errata sheet?  If your reporter is on vacation, would you be stuck?  What would you say to your client?  Doesn’t your client deserve better than this?   

What happens if your court reporter moves to another state?  In recent years, a current client of ours asked for our assistance in finding his former court reporter in order to get some notes transcribed.  She got married, changed her name, and was hard to find.  What a hassle.  

Do you know if your court reporter is keeping the untranscribed notes from your depositions?  There are even some “larger” firms who have their reporters “keep” their notes at their homes.  We do not.  We keep the notes at our office or at a secure warehouse storage facility.  We know that some reporters throw their notes away too soon.  We know of a reporter whose notes got wet in her basement and she threw them away without telling the reporting firm she worked for.  What a risky way to operate.  

Are you able to “reach” your court reporter when you need her?  Or do you have to leave a message on her machine because she’s at another deposition and doesn’t have an office staff.  What if you need something and you need it now?!  You may say, well, she checks her messages at breaks and returns my calls.  But what if your need can’t wait until her depo is over?  What if something needs to be filed by the end of the day? 
Does your reporter shred her notes, confidential transcripts, confidential exhibits, and related documents?  Or are they simply thrown into the dumpster behind her apartment or home?   

Please continue reading to discover the “Full-Service Difference.” 

Our staff is available to you at any time.  We have a knowledgeable office staff answering our telephones from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.  When our offices are closed, we have a voicemail system to receive your call with the telephone numbers of staff members happy to assist you after hours.

We are committed to life-long learning and improving our company and the staff who serve you.  Our reporters and other staff are members of the Ohio Court Reporters Association and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).  They hold various NCRA certifications such as RPR, CRR, RMR, RDR, CMRS, and CLVS. 

Spectrum is so committed to quality that it has a staff member dedicated to providing in-house training for its reporters.  We believe that a reporter’s training should be a life-long process of constantly improving writing technique, speed, vocabulary, realtime-writing skills, and staying abreast of technology used by the reporting profession as well as the legal profession.


Our reporters are employees, not subcontractors.  This means that Spectrum owns the untranscribed steno notes, transcripts, exhibits, and records relating to your work.  If a reporter leaves our employ, we retain all records and are able to produce any transcript you may need.

We have redundant backup systems for safeguarding your records.  Every untranscribed and transcribed job assignment is stored in multiple ways.  We store either on-site at our office or off-site at a secure warehouse facility in downtown Columbus the steno notes, exhibits, and related information in hard-copy form.  In addition, we store the electronic “rough” or “unedited” version of the steno notes on a 3.5” disk, CD-ROM, and the hard drive of our server, which is a mirrored drive.  The server drive is backed up nightly.  Backup tapes are taken off-site daily.

When a reporter leaves town on vacation, we have possession of all work-in-progress.  This means that we are able to produce a rough draft or final transcript for you even if the reporter is not available.        

We have a document retention procedure in place.  Once documents reach a certain age, we hire a professional company to shred all case-related notes, transcripts, and other documents, whether deemed confidential or not.

We have shredders in our office to handle the day-to-day shredding of confidential documents, including, for example, “bad quality” photocopies of confidential exhibits.  We take care to be responsible with your case-related information.  After posting your payments to our invoices, we even shred your check stubs.

We will not sell copies of your transcripts to nonparties

If someone who is not a party to the case calls requesting a transcript copy, we will always check with all parties or their counsel before releasing a transcript.  If there is no protective order, no confidentiality agreement, and all parties agree to our releasing the transcript, only then will we release it.

Our Promise to You
We will be here tomorrow and the next day, and the next week, and the next year.  Your transcripts and work product are safe with us.


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