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My medical malpractice defense practice group uses the services of Spectrum Reporting because we can trust its reporters to provide an accurate transcription of difficult medical testimony.  I have been using Spectrum Reporting since its inception in 1988 and have worked with Barbara Rogers, the owner, for close to 30 years. 

– John F. Birath, Jr., Esq., Bricker & Eckler

I was one of Spectrum Reporting's original customers when it opened its doors fifteen years ago and have been a dedicated customer ever since.  Why?  Superior service.  Spectrum Reporting introduced me to real-time court reporting in the early 1990's, and I've been hooked on real-time from the first time I tried it.  Real-time reporting helps me take better depositions by totally freeing me from note-taking so that I can listen better, and I believe that listening to the witness is the key to taking a good deposition.  With Spectrum Reporting's real-time capabilities, I can scroll back to review prior testimony of the witness, mark portions of testimony for follow-up or later review, and leave a deposition with a rough draft of the witness' testimony to permit me to better prepare for a succeeding deposition.  Just as Spectrum Reporting introduced me to real-time reporting, it has helped me stay on the cutting edge of litigation-support technology by also introducing me to its trial presentation services, enabling me to present my evidence electronically in the courtroom. 

– Dan L. Cvetanovich, Esq., Bailey Cavalieri LLC 

Spectrum Reporting provided realtime services for all parties in a $40 million lawsuit that spanned three years.  Spectrum provided a laptop for us and our witnesses to view the testimony. That was my first exposure to realtime.  Soon thereafter, Spectrum Reporting provided training for me, other lawyers and our support personnel on LiveNote, which I now use at all of my depositions. 

In a large environmental case involving many difficult terms and acronyms, I requested that Spectrum provide court reporting services around the country because I knew I could trust that the realtime would be extremely "clean" and the final transcripts would be accurate. 

– Mason Evans, Esq., Interhack Corp.

Spectrum digitized and synchronized over 100 hours of videotaped testimony taken around the country in a short time for use in Trial Director at the trial of a large matter here in Columbus in federal court and for use in a companion case in California.  We were pleased with the product we received.   

I use their realtime reporting at my depositions and often leave with a rough draft of the transcript.  I always try to use the services of Spectrum Reporting when I can. 

– John P. Gilligan, Esq., Ice Miller LLP

Spectrum Reporting is my firm of choice because they run an extremely professional operation. They provide realtime reporting for me, which I find very helpful at depositions.  I can also have an immediate rough draft of the testimony.   

– Gary D. Greenwald, Esq., Keller Rohrback PLC

I would highly recommend Spectrum Reporting.  They provide high-quality reporting and video services.  I find the realtime reporting extremely useful.  I am a fast talker, too, and I can count on Spectrum’s reporters to keep up and produce an accurate transcript. 

– Thomas W. Hill, Esq., Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter 

My practice includes the representation of plaintiffs in medical negligence cases.  At my request, Spectrum provided two mobile video cameras and two videographers to document the defendant doctor and his assistant re-enact a medical procedure that resulted in the patient’s death.  The video provided a powerful presentation of the negligent act, and the case was settled shortly thereafter.  Due to their reliability, flexibility, and creativity, I would highly recommend Spectrum’s video department. 

– Christopher L. Lardiere, Esq., Eastman & Smith, Ltd.

I engaged Spectrum to produce a settlement video for one of my product liability cases.  The case settled for thousands more than the defendants were previously willing to pay shortly after the settlement video was viewed by the defendants.  Spectrum took possession of our clients' family photos and videos, all of our physical evidence, deposition transcripts, and documentary evidence.  They created a storyboard, wrote a script and crafted a video presentation by combining all of the material we gave them with graphics and video they created.  It was narrated by a professional voice talent.  The result was a powerful and persuasive presentation of our case.

Spectrum delivered the settlement video on time and within the budget we had agreed to.  I will definitely use a settlement video again.  It works!

– Michael J. Rourke, Esq., Rourke & Blumenthal LLP

Barb Rogers and her excellent firm have provided me accurate, responsive, and cost-effective service on all types of cases (large and small) for more than 15 years. 

– Carl D. Smallwood, Esq., Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease


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