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Our Video and Media Services Department can provide complete trial presentation services utilizing TrialDirector® or Sanction®

We can provide an alternative to lugging blow-ups of your documentary evidence to court.  Your exhibits can be projected electronically on a large screen for the jury, judge, or arbitration panel. 

Documents can be presented in numerous ways, including enlarging portions, highlighting, redacting, annotating with text, arrows, underscoring, etc.  Overlays can be “built” ahead of time or “on the fly” in the courtroom by your witnesses, saved, and then printed as exhibits. 

X-rays, photographs, and videotapes can also be projected on a large screen.  

Videotapes can be digitized and synchronized with the deposition testimony, then played for the purposes of impeachment, or showing prior inconsistent statements. 

Day-in-the-Life Videos
Show the jury how an injury or medical malpractice procedure changed your client’s life with a Day-in-the-Life video.  Our videographer will accompany you to the home or hospital room of the plaintiff to shoot a series of videos clips that can later be edited into a video showing how the life of the injured person has changed since the injury.   

Settlement Brochures
Let us produce a multimedia settlement brochure for your personal injury, medical malpractice case, products liability, or class-action case.  Show the insurance carriers the extent of injury, disfigurement, rehabilitation period, changes in daily living, loss of future income evidence, and other relevant evidence in a multimedia format.   

Video footage of rehab, current hardships, documentary evidence, and even pre-existing photos and videos can be carefully crafted to “tell the story.”  We can even hire professional voice talent to present your case in the most convincing manner. 

360-Degree Panoramic Photography
We offer an exciting new service made possible by “stitching” multiple high-resolution digital photographs together in a professional editing program.  This results in a 360-degree panoramic photograph that can be played on your computer so that you can take a tour, so to speak, of a physical location such as an intersection, a railroad crossing, a construction site, etc.  You have the ability to “look” 360 degrees and even zoom in and out to analyze various details. 

This could be used to show a jury, judge, or arbitration panel in lieu of taking a time-consuming trip to the site.  Be sure to call us early in your case so we can photograph your evidence before it changes. 

Still and Video Site Surveys 
What site is important to your case?  A construction site, a swimming pool, an intersection, a railroad crossing, a warehouse, a parking garage, an escalator, a sidewalk?  Whatever it is, you will need visual evidence produced by a professional.   

Don’t leave this important task to your client or your office staff.  

For further information on any of the above services, please e-mail Tom Rees ( or call him at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071. 

TrialDirector is a registered trademark of inData Corporation.  Sanction is a registered trademark of Verdict Systems LLC.

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