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Videotaped Depositions
We have a fully equipped video department with a 3-chip video camera and all the necessary microphones to provide high-quality video depositions. 

We provide the time-coding required by the Ohio and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for videotaped depositions used in lieu of live testimony. 

We will file the videotape with the videographer’s certification and a complete video log of objections.
The video can be provided in various formats including VHS, S-VHS, DV (digital video), CD, DVD, or a stand-alone viewer with the transcript text synchronized with the video.

Video Playback 
We provide a large monitor for the jury, a monitor for the judge, and a monitor for counsel.  We can do realtime editing with a “kill switch,” or we can edit out the objections ahead of time if required by the court. 

Video Editing
Our in-house Avid digital nonlinear editing facilities allow us to work with you to present only the most pertinent footage for your case.  In some instances, we may be able to “enhance” your footage by brightening dark footage and boosting low audio levels. 

Video/Text Synchronization
Videotaped depositions can be digitized and then synchronized with the reporter’s transcript of the testimony.  The result is a product that can be formatted into a stand-alone player that enables you to view the video with the text streaming below, similar to television captions, or an electronic file that can be used in trial presentation software for impeachment purposes.  Text can even be searched for keywords with the corresponding video. 

Instead of reading a witness’ testimony to him for purposes of impeachment, you can quickly and easily play clips of his testimony.  The impact is much greater when the jury sees him testifying rather than you reading it to him.  It is much harder for a witness to say he was misinterpreted or for him to wiggle his way out of what he said when the jurors see it for themselves. 

Site Surveys and Evidence Videos 
Spectrum has been called upon to shoot video of intersections, swimming pools, buildings, and other sites that were the subject of litigation.  You can capture your evidence on video or digital photography.  We have professional photographic equipment as well as Avid editing software that enables us to edit your images to suit your needs. 

Other Uses of Video
There are many uses for video.  Below is a list of just a few.

  • Will signing (competency of testator)
  • Witness preparation
  • In-house training

Media Conversion  
Have you ever had a DVD you wanted converted to a CD?  Or an audio cassette converted to CD or vice versa?  We can convert a wide range of media formats. 

For further information on our video/media services, please e-mail Tom Rees (, Director of Media Services, or call him at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071. 

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