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Do you want your expert to attend and assist in the deposition of the opposing sideís expert?  Save the cost of travel and hotel expenses for your expert.  If they have an Internet connection, we can make it happen Ė even if itís a slow dial-up connection. 

You may attend a deposition remotely or have your client, expert witness, or co-counsel attend remotely via an Internet connection.  Spectrumís conference room has high-speed Internet access enabling us to send the realtime feed anywhere in the world. 

The video and audio can also be streamed through the Internet, but we donít recommend it. Sending the realtime text is very stable and the data stream is so small that Internet connection speeds are not relevant. 

The realtime text is displayed in a text box without the need for the purchase of software to view it.  Private instant messaging or chat rooms enable parties to communicate privately or with a group. 

For further information or a free demo, please contact us via e-mail or by calling 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071.


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