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At Spectrum Reporting, we're at the front of technology.  To learn more about our newest products and services, please follow the links below:

  • Realtime Reporting:  View testimony on a laptop computer screen as it is given.
  • Internet Deposition:  Receive the realtime feed over the Internet.
  • RealLegal BinderTM:  Award-winning transcript and exhibit management software.
  • LiveNoteTM:  Award-winning transcript management program.
  • CaseView:  View realtime testimony on our reporter's laptop.
  • Summation Blaze:  Litigation support software for summarizing documents and transcripts.
  • E-TranscriptTM:  The electronic means of delivering a transcript, via disk or e-mail.
  • RealLegal CD BundleTM:  A new way for you to receive transcripts and exhibits.
  • Trial Presentation:  Our Video and Media Services Department provides complete trial presentation services utilizing TrialDirector or Sanction.

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