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RealLegal Binder is an award-winning transcript and exhibit management software program that integrates with E-Transcripts and Publisher CD Bundles.  Binder enables you to receive the realtime feed from the court reporter.  Binder annotation options include issue codes, comments, and chronologies.  Binder also has sophisticated reporting and searching capabilities. 

Keyword and boolean searches are no longer limited to transcripts but, instead, can be conducted with all OCR'd documents in the project.  The scope of a search can be limited to those items placed into a search group.  Search results display excerpts from transcripts and documents/exhibits containing the specified word.  The RealLegal Binder OCR Engine converts scanned documents into fully searchable content. 

Not only can audio, image and text exhibits be attached to RealLegal Binder projects, but users can also import XML documents containing video tags to view video depositions that are synchronized to a transcript.  

Binder accepts .ptf and .txt transcript formats. 
E-Transcript .ptx or .exe files can be seamlessly imported into Binder.  Entire CD Bundles containing thousands of pages of transcripts, exhibits, and synched video can be imported in just seconds. 

Once the Publisher CD Bundles are pulled into Binder, bi-directional hyperlinks enable users to jump between the transcript testimony and the corresponding exhibits. 

RealLegal Binder integrates with CaseMap® from CaseSoft, Sanction II® from Verdict Systems, JFS Litigator’s Notebook® from Bowne, TrialDirector® from inData, and YesLaw® from YesVideo. 

In addition, RealLegal Binder was built to be compatible with competitive products.  Your transcripts can be exported as ASCII, XML or PTF files for use in other litigation support packages such as LiveNote, Summation, and Concordance. 

You can also access and share cases with co-counsel, expert witnesses, and clients via the Web with iBinder.  Discussions among collaborators are made possible by the iBinder Message Board, the iBinder Appointment Calendar, and iBinder Chat.  Team members back at the office using Binder can instantly see all the transcripts in the matter and the work performed by remote users on the road or at off-site realtime depositions. 

Law firms designate an iBinder administrator to maintain control over authorized users and the specific tools individual users are permitted to use.  For instance, an iBinder administrator may assign unlimited permission to lead and co-counsel for a particular case, while limiting the functionality for an expert witness who is consulting on the case. 

Only administrators are permitted to upload or remove transcripts and supporting materials from RealLegal iBinder.  All files are encrypted from the moment they leave the local drive and are uploaded to iBinder.  There is no limit on the quantity of files that can be shared via RealLegal iBinder. 

RealLegal iBinder can be hosted from your law firm’s Web server or by RealLegal’s secure servers. 

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