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The Publisher CD Bundle is a new way for you to receive transcripts and exhibits.  Your exhibits are scanned and converted to image files. Your transcripts are converted to E-Transcripts. The digital exhibits and E-Transcripts are then “bundled” on a CD-ROM disk creating a digital presentation of your transcripts, corresponding exhibits, and video if desired. 

The CD has an auto-run feature that automatically launches the viewer program once it is inserted into your CD disk drive.  You can use it in any laptop or PC that has a CD drive.  Thousands of pages of transcripts and exhibits can be burned onto one CD.  The image to the right shows the viewer, listing the transcripts on the left and the corresponding exhibits on the right. 

The E-Transcript is a fully searchable electronic version of the transcript that opens with its own browser.  No special software is needed.  The transcript is hyperlinked to the word index, enabling you to copy and paste it, print it (full-size, condensed, and index), and e-mail it as an attachment to your client, your expert witness, or corporate counsel.  Again, they need no special software to view it. 

You can also print the exhibits or load them into Summation™ or other software programs, thus saving your office staff from having to do that chore.  The exhibits can be converted to PDF, GIF, JPG, TIFF, or BMP formatted files. 

For further information, a personal demo, or a free CD Bundle disk, please contact us at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071.


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