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Realtime reporting is the ability to view the testimony on a laptop computer screen as it is given.  At Spectrum Reporting, we can provide realtime on our laptop or yours.   

If you have a realtime browser program installed on your laptop, we will provide the necessary cabling, connection adapters, and technical expertise to assist you in connecting.  If you prefer, you may view the realtime testimony on our reporterís laptop.  Our laptops all have CaseView installed.  CaseView is one of several realtime browser programs that enable you to view the testimony.  

These programs each have varying degrees of functionality, but generally enable you to scroll back to review testimony, mark and annotate testimony, issue-code testimony, perform Boolean or proximity searches.  Further tasks such as digesting/summarizing testimony or linking exhibits to testimony can be performed after the deposition.               

We are resellers of RealLegal Binder, LiveNote, and CaseView software, and we are a referral partner for Summation.   

We also provide training on these four transcript management programs.


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