Traditional video conferencing
Save the high cost of travel and disruption in your personal life by utilizing Spectrum’s video conferencing facilities in German Village, one mile south of downtown Columbus. We have a free off-street parking lot as well as ample free on-street parking surrounding the building.Our high-speed connection enables us to provide high-quality picture and sound within our private, professional, and conveniently located conference facility. We can accommodate both ISDN and IP connections. Our facility is available during regular business hours as well as evenings and weekends.

If you need a document camera to display your exhibits, a whiteboard, or a scan converter, we can accommodate your request. We can record the conference feed. Spectrum is a member of three of the largest video conferencing networks in the world. Membership in these networks enables us to find and schedule video conferencing facilities almost anywhere in the world. Click here to schedule a video conference, or further information, please contact us at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071.
  Video Conference Rooms
We have two conference rooms with video conferencing. One is 14’x19’ and seats 10 people at the table with ample room away from the table for additional seating. This room is equipped with a 4-part table that can be moved into a U shape or other configurations. The second room is 8'x10' and seats four for video conferencing.

Photocopying, faxing, speaker phone, high-speed wireless Internet access. Wheelchair accessible. Coffee, soft drinks, and snacks are provided. Box lunches can be ordered with advance notice.
SpectrumRemote Mobile video conferencing
Traditional video conferencing's strength is also its weakness: it requires expensive high-tech equipment and a dedicated fiber Internet line to work properly. The reality is, there are places across the state, country, and world where the closest video conference facility may be hours away from your client. We address this problem with SpectrumRemote.

SpectrumRemote allows you to connect to any combination of computers, tablets, smartphones, and traditional video conference sites. That means if your client cannot make it to a traditional video conference facility, we can patch them in on their home computer provided they have a webcam and Internet connection. SpectrumRemote is brand-agnostic, meaning it works on Macs, PC's, iOS, Android -- basically any device with webcam and Internet connection. And since there is no overhead by way of expensive equipment and fiber Internet, SpectrumRemote connections are a fraction of the cost. The flipside, of course, is that video quality goes down as a result of the lower quality equipment and Internet connections. It's a trade-off: quality vs cost and convenience.

We also have the ability to stream a realtime transcript feed along with the video, enabling you to see, hear, and read the testimony! Contact us to inquire.

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Video Synching