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Summation Briefcase Format (SBF)
We can bundle the final transcript, exhibits, and synchronized video in one compact Summation Briefcase Format (SBF) file.  We will create links between specific transcript text and an exhibit file via unique aliases (words or phrases) so that, for example, when “Defendant’s Exhibit No. 9” or “employment contract” appears in the transcript, these aliases are hyperlinked to the designated image.

SBF files will be delivered on a CD or diskette with the hard-copy transcript or e-mailed for immediate delivery in an encrypted, password-protected medium.

When you receive the SBF file, simply drag and drop it into Summation Blaze® LG, LG Gold, or iBlaze® (Version 2.5 or higher) under the Case Explorer tree > Transcripts subdirectory, and you are ready to search, organize, and analyze transcripts, exhibits, and video testimony.  The SBF file we deliver to you will automatically populate Summation’s Core Database for searching and annotating purposes – saving you lots of time! 

Database Fields Automatically Populated
The following Summation database fields are automatically populated when you load our SBF file into Summation:

DocID     – Contains an “EXH” prefix and consecutive numbering (e.g. EXHOO23)
DocLink  – Holds the link/path to the image of the exhibit (e.g. TIF, PDF)
DocType – Contains the exhibit’s name as “Exhibit for (Transcript name)”
DepolDs – Contains the page and line number of all places where the exhibit is linked within transcripts.  Allows you to see Q & A pairs at a keystroke.

You can search through Summation’s Core Database based on the information contained in any of these fields and other information that you add.

If you have Summation and would like a demo of the interactive realtime or transcript management features, please contact us at 614.444.1000 or 800.635.9071.

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